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LUNORSYS is a young and growing company based in Berlin, Germany, it operates in projects all over Europe accompanying complex software implementation. The main objective of the company is to raise its employees up to the challenges that can face them in any complex project by promoting the “How To” methodology.

What do we actually do?


In complex software projects we deal with new technologies and innovative methods. We engineer your software rather than just coding it.


Qualification and personal development are important for the motivation for employees. We are happy to train not only ours but also your employees.


We understand our company as a family. Everyone is allowed to develop and qualify. Together we achieve the best for our customers.


We create a positive company development by including the product, your customer and the supply chain to your business processes.

Our Agency in numbers

Use Android device
Goes to work by bike
Watch Game of Thrones
Enjoy their work

“Personalities instead of principles!”

Georg Lubrich


Our Services

As an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, business computing experts, business people, functional and technical experts, as well as newcomers, with different backgrounds such as research and many years of experience, we can provide our services with the competence of various perspectives.
Functional vs. technical? No!
As technical functional consultant we are very familiar with the need of both sides: functional requirements and technical conditions. We are experienced in bringing both sides together successfully.
Complexity is our challenge. In projects with parallel and distributed development, diverse branches and multiple changes, we are getting warmed up.
We have an international team with many years of experiences in various research and industry projects around the world. Benefit from an unrestricted view of your concerns.
We Craft Elegent Solutions with Powerful Technology
Our passion are innovative technologien and modern software. We deal with new technologies (IoT, Mobility, Big Data, Cloud solutions) and innovative methods (Agile, UX Design, DevOps, Fast IT).
Our Customers Come First
We are completely after you. We see cooperation as a trusting and reliable partnership. This often forms the basis for a long-term and productive cooperation, which can range from the individual project support to the initiation of a continuous innovation process.
We Promise You the Best
Our qualifications and professional experience enable us to evaluate projects from a technical as well as a business perspective. Knowledge of project management, finance, software development, IT architecture management, process models and current technologies and methods are the basis for our holistic project support.

Industry Branches


We know the maritime world and know the challenges digitalization brings to shipping companies, port operating companies, customs or other port service providers. Communication around a port call – as an example – is much more than just an automatic exchange of an ETA. Route planning and route optimization are an issue in particular across all ports. But port-side logistics processes can be revolutionized by IoT (Internet of Things) applications. We like to meet these challenges with you.


With the liberalization of the industry began a process with now disruptive effects. The so-called “energy transition” puts regenerative energy producers on the tableau and the dynamism in the markets and in the field requires not only the “classic” Smart Grid but also modern district provision systems up to local energy trading. From sensor networks, IoT platforms to service applications – we are your partner to realize the business models of tomorrow.


Complex financial processes do not deter us. We work with industry partners and have a look behind the scenes.


We know the processes and pitfalls through numerous projects at automobile manufacturers or suppliers. For production optimization and plant automation bring along like the technological tools.

Your Career at LUNORSYS

We’re looking for You!

Business Analyst

If you are tired of having to choose functional vs technical, if you are bored and would like to add some spices to your professional life, if you want to be involved in interesting software implementation projects, keep a close look at the latest technologies and their usage and if you want to play a role from A to Z then join us.
We offer opportunities that will keep you up to date with the new technologies (IoT, Mobilité, Big Data, Solutions Saas, Cloud) and innovative methods (Agile, UX Design, DevOps, Fast IT). As a technical functional consultant, you will be part of a team who’s in charge of implementing a software either to replace an existing system or on a green field for a financial institution.
If your profil looks like the following, please contact us!

    • Bachelor degree or more
    • Fluent in English
    • Customer contact and excellent interpersonal skills
    • Creativity and interest in new technologies
    • At least one year of experience in IT projects
    • Medium level in one of the following programming languages: PL/SQL, Java, C++
    • Another fluent language is ideal: French, German, Spanish
Software Developer Java & JavaScript

We’re also looking for strong Software Engineers with at least 1+ years of experience to be responsible for the overall delivery process of a software application or service, including design, development, testing, deployment, production application support (e.g., troubleshooting) and maintenance.
The basic requirements would be:

    • Bachelor degree or more
    • Fluent in English
    • 1–3 years of professional software development experience
    • Ability to write clean, functional code in Java (Spring, Hibernate) or JavaScript (Angular and/or React)

In this position your responsibilities would be:

    • Analyze business needs and implementation approaches, and deliver high-quality applications
    • Work collaboratively with team members to complete projects on time
    • Deliver successfully on all aspects of the product life cycle
    • Comfortable with agile development methods (Scrum)
If this applies to you just keep scrolling and fill out the contact form to drop us a line and we’ll get in touch with us immediately.

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